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Pre-Order Campaign is Live!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Of Beast and Burden is almost here! We are a month out now, and the Fae Realm is tantalizingly close.

All physical copies pre-ordered through the Parliament House website will come with some fun printed goodies that I can't wait to share with you. You can pre-order your physical book here.

I hope you stay tuned as the month goes on! We will have some fun reveals of the goodies, some character art, a giveaway, and some TikTok fun too ;)

Till then, take this fun quiz my fantastic marketing team put together, and let me know with Fae Court you belong to.


Of Beast and Burden is a Young Adult Dark Fantasy novel coming May 10th, 2022.

A fae girl with a human heart.

A Seelie Queen with a penchant for stealing mortals.

And an Unseelie King who will have to give up his throne.

On the coast of Georgia, there’s a small southern town where faeries still take changelings. Faye lost her mother to the Folk, but has spent her whole life longing for a glimpse – however brief – behind the veil.

When Faye finds her way in, she also finds the truth of why the dark and alluring world of the Folk has always called to her: she’s half-faerie, and heir to the Dark Court’s throne.

When the rival court steals her best friend, she’ll have to claim her crown to get her back. But that means learning how to use her glamour so she can face three deadly trials – and not falling for the dark and brooding king she’s meant to be replacing, or the nymph-turned-knight teaching her to fight.

Pre-order here.

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Dee Opitz
Dee Opitz

Hi Kelsey,

I already read your book as a ARC from NetGalley and I actually liked it. My review will be published in a couple of hours.

Now, I've seen your post but unfortunately shipping costs to Germany for one book are way too high and there is no way to buy a hardcover copy over here.

But I can already let you know that I enjoyed the book and are already very curious how the story will continue.



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